Tech 2 Teach

SPEF has wrapped up our 2019 Tech 2 Teach campaign! We are thrilled to share that we raised nearly $34,000! This year’s funds are earmarked for the purchase of iPads for use in early education classrooms at all elementary school sites across the district! Over the past two years, we have equipped PreK and Kindergarten classrooms across the district with iPads! Now it’s 1st grades turn! Your generous support will help these young learners by providing important access to instructional technology, with a focus on reading & math applications that are age appropriate and consistent across the district. 

Our 2019 T2T campaign closed on December 31, 2019.

  • Online via PayPal – visit our “Donate” link above! Please make sure to indicate in “Add special instructions to seller” that your gift is earmarked for Tech 2 Teach 2019
  • Mail in – You may donate by check or credit card, just print & complete the form below.   

Proudly, our Tech 2 Teach initiative has already provided over $265,000 in technology to Stillwater Public Schools since the initial launch in 2013! Thank you to all those who contributed previously or to this year’s  campaign! We appreciate your support of our effort to give SPS kids an advantage with technology! 

Background on Tech 2 Teach

Launched initially at our fall fundraiser in September 2013, SPEF introduced the Tech 2 Teach campaign, which was created to provide significant resources for classrooms throughout the Stillwater Public Schools district.  Tech 2 Teach focuses on raising funds for technology necessary to keep up with the latest advances in instruction, with a different technology project selected for funding each school year.  Tech 2 Teach is a collaborative effort between SPEF and SPS administration. In the short time since its inception, the Tech 2 Teach initiative has already provided over $265,000 in technology to Stillwater Public Schools!

2018 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2018 raised almost $36,000! We purchased 119 iPads for use in Kindergarten across the district in Stillwater Public Schools! Additionally, we purchased $850 for educational apps to place on the devices!

2017 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2017 raised a little over $31,000! We purchased 106 iPads for use in Pre-K and Kindergarten for Stillwater Public Schools!  T2T 2017 iPads in Action  

2016 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2016 raised a little over $43,000! We purchased 160 additional Chromebooks, along with 28 iPads & cases for Stillwater Public Schools!

2015 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2015 not just reached, but exceeded our goal! With a little over $53,000 raised we were able to purchase 196 additional Chromebooks and six new charge carts for Stillwater Public Schools! 

2014 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2014 exceeded its fundraising goal, finishing with almost $54,000 to allocate to the 2014 technology project! 157 Chromebooks and eight charge carts were purchased for Stillwater Public Schools, allowing each SPS school site to have a set!

2013 T2T Summary

Tech 2 Teach 2013 successfully reached its fundraising goal of $50,000!  With funds raised, 121 document cameras and 12 projectors were purchased for Stillwater Public Schools classrooms!